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The Yohetta Wilderness area is one of the very few pristine wilderness areas still left in the world.

What is unique to this wilderness is the proximity to Vancouver and Whistler. It is only one hour’s flight from Whistler crossing the most spectacular mountain scenery which you can imagine. You will fly over ice fields, glaciers, massive rock cliffs and mountain lakes as well as glacier fed rivers. This will bring you into the rain shadow of the Coast Mountains.

Here in a sunny climate, the Chilcotin Mountains are rich with wildlife and in the valleys, the clear mountain lakes are full of the feisty trout. Isolated and surrounded by these beautiful mountains on Tuzcha Lake is the Yohetta Lodge and Wilderness Camp.


I have been enjoying Yohetta on a regular basis since 2007 when I set out on my first seven-day wilderness horse-back trip into the Chilcotin Mountains.  This experience far exceeded my expectations, and the beauty of the area is nothing short of breathtaking.


This past summer of 2018 I was fortunate enough to be able to repeat the adventure with a ten-day pack trip and again it was a great experience I will never forget.  It is truly humbling to ride on horse-back in the alpine areas and marvel at the unbelievable beauty and grandeur of the mountains around you.  Riding through lower elevations, creeks and lakes, and lush valleys, dotted with seasonal wild flowers, provide additional splendour.


The guides are well qualified and have an extensive knowledge of this area; of wilderness camping, and of the care and wellbeing of their horses on the trail.  If you are interested in having a quality wilderness experience from the back of a good horse, you are at the right place!  I have no hesitation in recommending this place for the quiet solitude of a remote wilderness area where truly astounding scenery is second to none.

- Fred Mann