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About Us

The people making up the Yohetta team are of a wide variety of backgrounds. The one thing we all have in common is our passion for the area around Yohetta. This includes the real wilderness location, the spectacular mountains and the lakes, varying from crystal clear to different shades of glacier lake colours of blue and green. We love the huge glacier lakes on both sides of us namely the Chilko and Taseko lakes. There is also the variety of rivers ranging from clear creeks to the raging white waters of the Tchaikazan. You add to that the abundance of wildlife and fish and you only start to understand why we love this place so much.

Our Vision

Our vision is to share this treasure with those who have a sense of adventure and appreciation of true wilderness. This part of God’s creation is unique in its visual appeal and its pristine character. Our staff work here, because they have invested a part of their soul in this beautiful wilderness and are excited to show this treasure to those who come to experience it. This is not a Sunday outing, but you will never be the same after experiencing an adventure with us at Yohetta. Your soul will sense an awesome serenity at the same time as your heart will be pumping with adrenalin, as you indulge in the essence of this wilderness.

Our Owners

The owners are Hermann and Tracy Nell. With their three daughters Talita, Esme and Thandi they love the outdoors and it is their passion to share this experience with those who will truly enjoy their passion. Overwhelmed by God’s creation at Yohetta they would love other people to experience the same. Hermann and Tracy’s three girls love the thrill of the wilderness and horses and are always ready to share the experience with others.

Our Managers

Our camp managers Tom and Alice are the true veterans. Tom grew up in this wilderness and Alice grew up on a nearby ranch as part of the Xeni Gwet’in band. They know this wilderness better than anyone on earth and have many experiences and stories of this area. When they leave camp, they go into their own zone and it is an experience to share that with them.